When God Moves

by tiana on April 4, 2014 · 0 comments

in Discouragement

When I gave up on pursing my dream for awhile I settled with working in the school system. I wanted to be a journalist but it hadn’t worked out. So when I began working in the school system I became complacent towards my dreams. It was a comfortable job, I was good at it, and it was stable. Going out on a limb to follow a dream was farthest from my mind. I was tired from failure.

No matter how hard we try a dream never lets you go. You may ignore it for a week, month, or even several years but it never ever goes away. God created you with talent, passion, and gifts. He knows our hearts and he knows what’s best. Sometimes, well most of the time, we don’t know what’s best. We let our logical reasoning take over and we stay put. Being wounded and scarred was enough to make us fear taking a leap of faith. But when God decides to move you he will move you.

My last job my supervisor was a bully. She constantly berated me in person and in front of other co-workers. I could do nothing wrong or I would pay for it each time. I came to work stressed wondering how I was going to make it through each day. I stayed because the students loved me and I connected with them. I stayed because I was a Junior Class sponsor and was responsible for a whole class of students. I stayed because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. But when God moves you he will move you, and I was moved. Actually, I was fired and placed in another school. This school was a lot calmer and my boss wasn’t a bully but she wasn’t friendly either.

One day I sat at my desk at work bored out of my mind. I was tired of the monotony of the job. It was killing me slowly. I knew I was born to fly but I just didn’t know how to spread my wings again. I had given up until God stirred inside me a spirit I could not deny. A spirit that had awaken me from my dead spirit. A spirit that told me to dream again. The spirit was so strong that I could no longer settle for the mediocre. I could no longer stay in my comfort zone. I could no longer lay down and die. So I left my stable 9-5 job with benefits for one that is not stable and had no benefits, but I’m free. I’m free to pursue my dreams.  I’m free for him to guide me towards my dreams.  I’m free to hear what God wants to tell me. A lot of times when you’re at a dead end job and your spirit is bound in failure, you don’t hear what God is trying to tell you. But when you’re free your ears and eyes are ready to receive what God has planned for you.

Right now you’re tired. You’re asking yourself why am I here? The job you’re currently working suddenly feels uncomfortable, tiresome, and uninspired. You’ll try to stay in your comfort zone but God might push you right on out, just to get your attention. That’s God moving you. Recognize the signs that God is stirring something up in you that you can no longer ignore. Recognize that God has something better for you and it’s not to stay where you are. Recognize that you were born to fly and God is giving you permission to spread your wings.




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