The Specials

by tiana on November 23, 2014 · 0 comments

in Discouragement

I don’t necessarily like the term “haters”.¬†It’s always used improperly. If you are the biggest jerk on the planet, if you’ve wrong so many people that you’ve lost count; then you don’t have haters. You have known enemies who want revenge. If you’ve knowingly and intentionally did something to hurt someone else then you have enemies. So, this post isn’t for the jerks of the world. This is for the gentile, the righteous, the grinders, the dreamers, and the rejected. This is for those who carry God’s light but don’t feel special about it because they unintentionally have real haters and people who try to sabotage them. This is for you.

I was always a round peg in a square hole. The triangle in the box. So I suffered a lot of rejection from friends, co-workers, and even family members. I’ve been forgotten, mistreated, and used by friends. I’ve been sabotaged by co-workers. I’ve been dismissed by family members. I was different. I am different. I’ve tried many times to be what everyone wanted me to be because I wanted to be loved by the world. I wanted to be accepted and to belong somewhere. I didn’t know that I was special and that I carried God’s light within me. I didn’t know that people could hate you for no reason. All I knew is that I hated myself for being different. All I knew is that I thought something was wrong with me. All I knew was that it was always my fault when someone mistreated me, when they forgot about me, and when they sabotaged me in the work place. They didn’t know why they didn’t like me but they just knew that they didn’t and so they planned and plotted and often succeeded at sabotaging my life. They succeeded at making me feel like a worthless friend. They succeeded at making me feel like a rejected family member because I wasn’t like them. But they didn’t succeed for long. When God called my name he told me that he loved me and that I was special to him. He told me I was worth something. He told me I was one of his “specials”.

Satan doesn’t go after the complacent. He doesn’t bother those who have given up. He doesn’t threatened the unrighteous or those who have conformed to the standards of the world. He doesn’t even bother with the lazy. Satan attacks those who strive for positive change in their lives. He stresses out those who are trying to live right. He bullies those who have the potential to do great things for God and for others. But this is what makes it special because Satan is threatened by you! He’s threatened by God’s light that you carry inside of you. You are special to God and you have greatness within you. Satan doesn’t want you to change the world or encourage people. He doesn’t want you to believe in dreams and blessings again. He wants you to be stuck with the people that gave up, the complacent, the lazy, and the shallow…the people who forfeited their purpose.

You are God’s “specials”. You have a light about you that hurts the eyes of those who hate themselves. They see you and see what they could have been. They see you and see their own darkness. ¬†They see you and see that they’ve given up and stayed in failure. So they see you as a threat. Someone who is troubling their spirit by just being who God called you to be. Once you see that every trial and tribulation that happened in your life is ultimately a beautiful thing, then you are unstoppable. You’ve conquered depression, financial problems, rejection, abuse and mistreatment, failures, addiction, sabotage, and broken dreams. You’ve conquered all that Satan has thrown at you. So, now you are one of God’s special people. Now you boldly carry God’s light within you because you now know that he’s got your back. You now belong somewhere when you’ve never belonged anywhere before. You now shut out the world and follow your heart. You now have a purpose. You are special. So don’t give up because we need you in this world. We need you to be different and set apart, the way God made you to be. We need you to save those who have forgotten they are special too. We need you and we love you. Don’t give up.



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