A Libra

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For the many undesirable characteristics that people have against Libras, the main dislike of a Libra is our inability to be decisive. We take forever making a decision. We often procrastinate until the last minute. We are lazy…so they say. But, they are wrong. Our inability to make a decision is not because we don’t have it together. No, it’s because we are trying to please everyone else. We won’t make a decision unless it’s right for everyone else and then worry if it’s right for us. We procrastinate because we take our time and do not rush into major decisions., especially when it involves other people. Balance, Diplomacy, and Peace is our ultimate goal. However, there comes a point in time in our lives, other astrological signs as well, when we have to stand on the decisions that we’ve made. That we wholeheartedly decided to think of ourselves, what’s good for us, and what will benefit us…finally. At some point we take the risk to displease someone in order to move forward in a positive direction.

I’ve spent most of my life being that Libra. Tiana Suber didn’t make a decision until the people I loved approved of it. I spent my life asking, “Well, what do you think?”, “What do you think of me?”, “What decision do you think I should make?”. Most of the time it was never the answer that I wanted. Most of the time I find out later that they were wrong. Other times I find out that these very same people I trusted hated me all along. I was the dreamer. I was the person who could pursue a dream when others were stuck at their jobs. I was the person of opportunity where others wouldn’t dare. So when I shared my dream with them, a snide, back-handed remark surprisingly followed. It broke my heart that I didn’t trust myself. It broke my heart even more when the people I loved didn’t understand me. It hurt even more when the people I trusted didn’t support me and my dreams.

This year my phrase is, “I’m 30-something years old and I don’t want to anymore.” Meaning I’m not dealing with this anymore. I am not dealing with people who don’t dream. I am ignoring dream killers. I am not awaiting your approval. I disagree, in a respectful way because I am still a Libra :). ┬áNo I don’t want to go there, be apart of this, or try that. I am finally me. I am ok with being me, the dreamer. I am ok being alone when everyone has left me. I am ok with being disliked for not wanting to go with the flow, it’s a badge of honor.

I even became a surprisingly good business woman so far. I’ve made decisions that were right for my company, I stood, and still standing, by my vision, God’s vision, for this company. I even had to fire somebody y’all! A friend of a friend too. I took the risk of losing that friend if she disagreed with me firing that friend. But that friend wasn’t doing his job, this was about business. I am carrying the spirit of my Uncle Charlie who was an awesome business man. And, I am so proud of myself guys. This has never been me. I always wanted everyone to like me. I always wanted to fit in. I always wanted to blend in. But now I am coming into the person that God made me to be. It was a long journey, it still will be in the future. But now, this is about me, this is about God’s vision, this is about blazing a path for other dreamers like me.


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