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in Disappointment

One of my favorite songs by Erykah Badu is Bag Lady. It’s the story of a woman with baggage and the affects it has on her life. The result is that she was being left behind. She was missing her opportunities, her happiness, her future because the bags in her life were weighing her down.

My baggage was low self esteem. My baggage was friendship. My baggage was depression. I was never good enough and so I was discouraged. I had no friends who cared about me so I was worthless. I wasn’t where I wanted to be when I had planned to be there and so I was a failure. For years I carried these bags around with me. I walked with my head down. There was no reason to look up because my bags weighed me down. It was hard to look up. All I saw was my circumstances. All I saw was my troubles. All I saw was what I didn’t accomplish and what others have accomplished over me. All I could see was my unforgiveness that hardened my heart. All I could see were my bags. When all you have is bags weighing you down, when all you see is past hurts that you never let go of, When all you see is what people say you are instead of what God says you are; your bags are in the way.

Some of us have carried bags for so long that we don’t even notice anymore. Some of us have so much pain from those bags that our posture is bad. Our attitude is bad. Our faith is broken. Our walk is slowed. You know how you refuse to take two trips to your house to bring in your grocery bags? So you carry all these bags with you and struggle to make it to your front door. Your hands are cramped. Your shoulders hurt. The bags are banging into your legs making you walk funny. That’s how it is to carry those bags all your life. It prevents you from growing. You don’t dream anymore. You don’t think you’ll be blessed anymore. You haven’t been happy for a long time. The same crap gets in the way over and over again and you’re tired. Aren’t you tired?

Stand back from your bags and look at them. Look at the bags of depression on your right. Look at the bags of past hurts on your left. Look at the bag of low self esteem in the center. It’s been long enough. You went through these bags of experience. They happened. The key word is happened. It means it’s in the past. It already happened…years ago. It means you survived. God allowed you to still be here. It means it doesn’t belong in your future anymore. Look at your bags today, leave them on the ground, and be free.

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