The Next Me

by tiana on August 10, 2015 · 0 comments

in Self Improvement

I never dreamed about finding my own path. When I was growing up I wanted to be just like Oprah. She was awesome to me. She helped people around the world, she was influential, and she made celebrities break down and cry (which is what I also loved about Diana Sawyer and Barbara Walters). It was a major dream. It was a major goal but her path lead to success so I thought that I could do the same thing. Plus, it was admirable to other people and I had the personality to be a talk show host or a television personality. So that was the story I stuck with my whole life, how to be the next Oprah.

So naturally when I created my website,, the “about me” page included my goal of being the next Oprah. Since I had been saying it forever the sentence didn’t really bother me. But when I showed my website to a co-worker one day he said something that really changed my perspective on my own life. “The next Oprah?” he said frowning at the sentence on my website, “How about being the next Tiana? That sounds better don’t you think?” Whoa. He was right. I never thought about it that way. I was so focused on emulating someone great that I never took the time to think that maybe I could live in my own greatness. Maybe my own story would inspire someone else to be great in their own way as well. Saying I wanted to become the next Oprah was a hard habit to break. But, now that God allowed my co-worker to open my eyes, it was time to be my own person and follow my own path. It was time to be the next me.

Follow your dreams, follow your heart, be great, and most of all believe in yourself. Believe in yourself to know that you are great all by yourself. Others before us may have paved the way but we must all make our own path. Hello, I’m Tiana Suber, CEO of Outburst Productions and I am going to be the next big thing.


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